going abroad…

i’m leaving germany in october! i’ll be studying in japan for a year and created a special blog:


hope you’ll find it interesting 😀


Electronic Heaven.

some songs just send you straight to heaven. they drown out the rest of the world, immerse you in their thick sounds, make you imagine wild, colorful rays of light and neon colored shooting stars, super mario and space invaders, and make you want to jump up and down and sing along. how awesome is it, when the video clip actually visualizes exactly what you’ve been imagining?!

this japanese duo simply got it right.

Feeling Overwhelmed. In A Bad Way.

i feel incredibly fat, so fat i can’t take it any more; i am always tired and can’t move my body, making it impossible to go out and lose weight; i’m not getting my papers done and the new semester is starting in a week and a half, so they’re hanging over my head like the sword of damocles; my room is a mess and i don’t have the energy to clean it; i agreed to help the two most important male people in my life move, namely my father and my boyfriend, who now decided to move on the same day. in two different cities!

it’s all a bit much… no wonder i’m eating all the time, i’m totally depressed. which makes me even fatter. and everything starts from the top… I WANT IT ALL TO GO AWAY!

New Addiction.

an anime called Lovely Complex.
thanks martin! ❤

Music Again.

check out this awesome song my friend showed me! it’s the ending song to the anime series “Blood+”.

Vacation Time.

right now i’m kinda happy.
reasons for my happiness: i’m visiting my friends and family in the U.S., i can go to the beach when ever i feel like it, i’m tanning, i passed my finals with an A, when i get back to germany i still have a month of free time before i start back at the university, i made a new friend, who is really cool, i just saw two of my best friends for two days, yesterday i went to the movies twice in one day (Inglorious Basterds and The Time Traveler’s Wife), i slept in today, i get to eat something in a couple of minutes, i’m going to go to an awesome museum soon, i regularly get e-mails from my boyfriend… everything’s good 😀

hungry now, going to eat.


I hate Facebook. It keeps me from studying and steals my time.

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